Brooklyn Garden Studio  - Boerum Hill Brooklyn, NY   The Brooklyn Garden Studio is a self-built retreat located in the garden of a Boerum Hill Townhouse in Brooklyn, New York.  The project is an escape from the city, both the act of building and the time spent inhabiting.  The garden studio provides a peaceful, seemingly detached oasis within the immense landscape of New York City, a perfect spot for enjoying a book or an afternoon nap.    T  here is something special about being   in a space in New York that makes you feel   elsewhere  .
  Westport Kayak House  - Westport Point, MA  Jug Rock is a small rock formation sited  off the shore of Westport Point, Massachusetts. The rock sits within the deceivingly shallow Westport Harbor. Once home to a boat house destroyed by the hurricane of 1932, this formation currently sits empty and ideal. The Jug Rock Kayak House is a single room retreat. It is meant as a place of relaxation and repose, a kayak ride destination. The single space contains a library, storage, and bed elevated a few steps above entry level. The small building is lifted off the level of the rock and cantilevered out over the water, facing the dramatic Westport sunsets.
  Westlake House -  Westlake, CA  In Schematic Design
  Little Compton Ruins House , Little Compton RI
  Lakeway House  - Lakeway TX
  Mission Beach House - San Diego, CA   In Construction Documents - Completion 2018  This three story, five thousand square foot house will sit right on the boardwalk in Mission Beach California.  The house is split into two units: Unit A on the first floor, and Unit B on the second and third floors.  The design centers around maximizing the amazing ocean view as well as pulling light and air all the way to the back of the house.  An open, central stair and double height space help to make this tightly packed house seem light filled and airy.  
  Carter House Addition   In Design
  Sakonnet River House  - Little Compton, RI        The proposed demolition of an existing house on a lot very close to the Sakonnet River in Little Compton, RI.  The new house will reuse existing foundations and footprint, but incorporate a three story "tower" to capitalize on the stunning river views. 
  Gerard Drive House  - East Hampton, NY   The Gerard Drive house is a small renovation and addition project located in the Springs portion of East Hampton. We wanted to retain the bungalow feel of their current one story house, while adding on a master suite addition and new deck. We found it critical to preserve the water view as one approaches the house, to separate the new master suite addition, and to maintain clean, simple building forms.
  Houseboat   The Brooklyn Garden Studio meets the water in this one room Houseboat.  The concept includes a raised sleeping platform, built-in storage and couches, front and back deck, productive roof garden and kayak storage.  In development
  5th Avenue Apartment Renovation, New York NY   This project transformed a very dark and compartmentalized one bedroom apartment into a bright and crisp pied de terre.  The clients live outside the city and only plan to use the apartment a few times a month.  We suggested creating more of an open loft feel by removing the walls between kitchen, bedroom and living room, and installing a murphy bed to allow the space to have dual functions.  We exposed the concrete structure of the building and used very clean, white millwork and walls to make the apartment as bright as possible.
  South Orange House Renovation  -  Interior renovation of a single family home in South Orange, NJ.  The existing house contained a very secluded, long and narrow kitchen that was closed off from the other living areas of the house.  With the addition of some structure, we opened up the new kitchen to the dining room to bring light in from both sides of the house.  The result was a significantly larger and more pleasant kitchen, and an open feel between the kitchen, dining and living spaces.  
  Boerum Hill Apartment  - Boerum Hill, Brooklyn NY  Interiors of a Brooklyn townhouse
  W 72nd Street Apartment   In Design Development
  E 12th Street Apartment Renovation, East Village NYC -    Project currently in Construction
  Tarrytown Apartment Renovation    - Tarrytown, NY       
  Westport Renovations  - In Progress  Full kitchen and two bathroom renovation in a 1778 New England home on the water in Westport Point, MA.