The Point  - Westport Point, MA    The Point  is an appropriation and re-imagination of an abandoned portion of the Westport Point fishing docks.  The site currently contains three buildings: a dilapidated boat house, multi-car garage, and a vacant bait and tackle shop.   The Point  project aims to re-purpose these buildings to enliven the docks while maintaining the quaint, no frills New England fishing town aesthetic.  The project includes a general store, a restaurant and bar with outdoor eating by the water, and a bunkhouse with four separate suites.  
  Teich Toys and Books -  West Village, NYC
  Freaker Offices -  Wilmington, NC  Hunt Architecture was involved in a conceptual study to relocate the offices of  Freaker  (the one-size-fits-all beverage insulator located in Wilmington , NC).   Freaker’s  existing offices were located in a functional but nondescript building on Market Street. Adjacent to the office was an abandoned lot with a beautiful and neglected brick shell.     Freaker’s  business centered around making graphically compelling and functional sleeves that personalize beverages while keeping them cold.  Their graphics were loud and bold.  We saw the abandoned brick shell as an opportunity for their offices to be loud and bold, to be a ‘unique sleeve’ and the perfect display of their company to the surrounding neighborhood.     Our suggestion was that the architecture of their space should reinforce the concept of their company - that the building should become a  Freaker .